Friday, December 30, 2011

Rural Vagrancies at Mirkwood Show on Jan 21, 8:30pm

One year since the last Mirkwood show!

Come celebrate the deciduous, photosynthesis,
morphology and winter hibernation.

Hex Breaker (NYC): Telecult Powers/Grashopper Quartet, working with extended synthesizer and deep majestic trumpet tones. Hypnotically-soothing and simultaneously dense.
Lea Bertucci (NYC): hacker, installation artist, image maker, will be performing with electroacoustic bass clarinet through the language of abstraction and feedback.
Jenny Graf (Baltimore) will perform in a Bog in the living room
Childe Bride (Baltimore): Shana Palmer's mysterious tribal drone and sometimes noise folk will take form through electronics.
Charles Dube (Baltimore): post-nudist electronics
Marga: a 16mm staircase projection

Mirkwood House
701 E.33rd Street

Show will start promptly at 9pm.

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