Thursday, January 31, 2013

ZOOMSCAPE Call for Proposals


Calling all artists, poets and pedestrians - submit your proposals for the Tinges Commons Kiosk at the southeast corner of 33rd and Frisby Streets in Waverly. Proposals for temporary artwork are only limited to the surface of the signboard structure and may include any type of visual 2d media, including murals, paintings, posters and simple words. Selected proposals will be on display for 4-6 weeks, reaching a large and diverse audience of Waverly pedestrians and 33rd Street motorists. The Kiosk is as your canvas offers two sides: the 4' x 8' board facing motorist traffic on 33rd Street and the 4' x 5' board facing sidewalk traffic along east side Frisby Street. While no budget is available for selected proposals, basic paint colors and some supplies are available from the Mirkwood collective.

Send your Zoomscape proposals to Graham at