Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wayscapes / Smith & Basch at Tinges Commons

A public art show by Joshua Wade Smith and Beki Basch
August 1st - September 12th, 2010
Opening garden party - August 1st, 4-6pm
Tinges Commons
Southeast corner of 33rd and Frisby Streets
Waverly, Baltimore, MD 21218

As the summer heat exaggerates all tasks outdoors, Tinges Commons presents Wayscapes - a situation of impacts and meditational spaces orchestrated through interactive sculptures by Joshua Wade Smith and Beki Basch. Tinges Commons is a community garden and collaborative public art space at the southeast corner of Frisby and 33rd Streets in Waverly, Baltimore.

For Wayscapes, Smith and Basch will install a collection of wood-built, site-specific sculptures that investigate instances of collapse and invite place-based meditation. Smith presents Fall Wall and Face Plant, with the former an index of actions provoked by the latter. Through images and architectural form, Fall Wall represents moments of instability initiated by the artist as he repeatedly fell over the objects of Face Plant. Turning from objects of artist action to spaces for participant transformation, Basch presents SANDBOX/SWEATBOX. Consisting of a sandbox and wooden stall, Basch's project is an invitation for simple meditation and playful transformation within the context of a liminal yet dynamic public space. In addition to the artists' individual projects, Basch and Smith will also collaborate on a series of improvised platforms for discrete actions throughout the site.

Wayscapes will open with a garden party on Sunday, August 1st, 2010, from 4-6pm. The party will include free food from the community garden and local farmers market prepared by Tinges Commons volunteers. All are welcome.

Tinges Commons is funded by the Greater Homewood Community Corporation, The Parks and People Foundation and the Baltimore Office of Promotion and The Arts.

Graham Coreil-Allen
Tinges Commons

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