Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tinges Commons Garden Party #2 / "Color Path Projections" Public Art Opening - Sunday, Sep 20th

Tinges Commons Garden Party #2 and "Color Path Projections" Public Art Opening
Sunday, September 20th, 4-7pm
Southeast corner of Frisby and 33rd Streets
Baltimore, MD 21218

We here at Tinges Commons are pleased to extend an open invitation to our second garden party and public art opening. Come and enjoy freshly prepared food from the community garden as we celebrate the comfortable weather and two new art installations by Cyle Metzger and Colin Benjamin. Tinges Commons is a community garden and collaborative public art space at the southeast corner of Frisby and 33rd Streets in Waverly, Baltimore.

Color Path Projections
Cyle Metzger and Colin Benjamin
September 20th - October 17th

Tinges Commons is proud to present its second public art show featuring works by Cyle Metzger and Colin Benjamin. Color Path Projections includes two vivid installations that use line, color and space to emphasize movement along the adjacent footpath. On the Tinges Commons Kiosk, Metzger presents us with PS5, a self-described "paintstallation" that uses two-dimensional plains to imply a three-dimensionality of the space within the image. The colors for the billboard-style painting are intended to be integrative yet vibrant, making use of the area's own palette to emphasize a footpath that naturally emerged from the site and inspired an effort to improve the quality of its common use.

Benjamin offers us Present paths are reflective spaces (here and there), a site-specific, tensile structure of driveway reflectors and bright flagging tape suggesting internal tension and spatial projection within the compact pedestrian zone. The architectural configuration of ephemeral construction materials exists outside of the frame of everyday route and routine, asking the pedestrian to make a mental and physical leap between "here and there". Through playful color and dynamic spatial relationships, the artists hope to enhance pedestrian experience within Tinges Commons and challenge its users to reconsider their engagement with public space.

Tinges Commons is funded by the Greater Homewood Community Corporation, the Maryland Cooperative Extension, the Maryland State Arts Council, Mayor Sheila Dixon and the Baltimore Office of Promotion and The Arts.

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