Monday, August 24, 2009

Collard Greens Recipe

This is my favorite way to eat collards:
Collards (about a dozen or so big leaves)
Bacon (at least six slices)
Cherry tomatoes (at least a dozen)
Lil orange tomatoes (I don't know what these are really called, you probably want 4)
A sweet red onion (They have these at Costco right now. Vidalias are also good. Any kind is good.)
Canola oil
Apple Cider Vinegar

Slice the bacon across the the grain while it is still sitting as a slab. You want to have lots of little shreds of it.
Put the bacon in a sautee pan on medium heat.
While the bacon is cooking, julienne cut the onion. Like lines of longitude.
Throw the onions in there, with some salt and pepper and paprika. You can use Old Bay instead if you want to keep it simple.
Turn the heat to low.
While that stuff is starting to cook, you can go pick the collards. Try to knock the weird white bugs off the collards while you are still outside.
Tear the collard leaves off of their steams. I don't eat the stems. You can if you want to. Wash the torn up leaves well. You're probably going to eat some bug eggs but they won't kill you or make you sick. You won't even taste them.
Mix the leaves into the simmering bacon and onions. Scoop up the bacon and onions on top of the collards. Make sure the collards are coated in bacon fat. Pour a little canola oil in the pain and a little apple cider vinegar. Just enough to keep everything wet. Stir it up and cover. Turn the heat up to medium.
Go out and pick the tomatoes. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and cut the lil orange tomatoes into quarters.
Check and make the collards are getting nice and soft. Put the tomatoes in the pan and cover it again. Let it simmer for about 15 minutes or so.
That's it!

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